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Products & Services
2 Mechanical Engineering
1 Electrical Engineering
2 Plumbing Engineering
3 Fire Protection Engineering
4 Energy Management & Audit
5 Water Management Rainwater Harvesting
2 Hybrid Solar Hot Water System
2 Solar Wind Hybrid Power Plants
2 Design and Built of Operation Theaters, ICUs, BMTUs, Labs
2 Air conditioning and Refrigeration
Mechanical Engineering
Comfort air conditioning Heating and Mechanical Ventilation District cooling and heating Clean Room HVAC system for Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Data centres, Telecommunications, Semiconductor Mfg. facility etc. Refrigeration System, Cold storages, industrial refrigeration and HVAC Systems. Central Evaporative Cooling & Humidification, Modified Evaporative cooling
Combined heat and power system Central Hot water system using nonconventional energy and heat recovery Heat Pump. Energy saving alternatives in various mechanical/ electrical utilities like HVAC, Compressors, Cooling Towers, Utility system, CHW system, Boilers, Thermal systems, Power Generations and distribution system etc.
Chilled Water system consisting of Chillers and CHW distribution. Cooling Water systems consisting of Cooling towers, PHEs etc. Pumping system for various utility (Constant flow, Variable Flow) Compressed air Generation and Distribution system. Steam Boilers, Steam generation and distribution. Medical and Industrial gases system.
Design Power
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Electrical Engineering
Electrical installations including High Voltage/ Extra High Voltage (HV/EHV) sub-stations and distribution systems, drives & controls. Captive Power Generation and its distribution system. Internal electrical system and illumination engineering. Non conventional energy system like Solar, Wind and Bio energy.
Intelligent Building Management System saves energy. Major energy intensive services like HVAC, Hot Water system, Steam and Power generation and Electrical system will be integrated and can be effectively controlled. It also includes

Communication System
- Audio
- Video
- Data
Close Circuit Television & Security System Fire Detection & Alarm System Public Address System
Plumbing Engineering
2 Water Supply, Water Treatment
1 Pumping constant flow, variable flow, hydro pneumatic system
2 Potable and Process water Piping
3 Soil, Waste and Vent piping with One pipe/ Two pipe system.
4 Disposal of Sewage and Storm Water
5 Effluent / Sewage Treatment Plants & recycling
5 Central hot water generation and distribution
5 Water softening and treatment plant
5 Swimming pools
5 Rain Water Harvesting


Fire suppression system, Sprinkler System, Hydrant system, Deluge system etc.
Automatic Fire Detection System Conventional type & analogue intelligence system.
2 Automatic FM-200 and Co2 system Fixed Foam installation.
3 Standards Used TAC/ISI/NFPA/NBC Part IV/Local Fire Authority.
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Hybrid Solar Hot Water System:
Design Power pioneered Hybrid Solar Hot Water system which utilizes solar energy and Heat Recovery and conservation technology enabling year round Hot Water with very less energy input. It requires one forth (1/4th) of the energy compared to the conventional electrical heater, hence during monsoon also hot water will be made available with very less energy consumption.  Advantage of this system is that there is no need of individual geysers in the rooms and hence connected load reduces almost up to 60% resulting reduced capacity of substation i.e. transformer, switch gears and cabling leading to lot of saving in the capital cost and space requirement.
ETC type/ Flat plate collectors are available.
Application: Residence, Hotels, Restaurants, Industries requiring hot water, Boiler feed water, Solar Air conditioning ,
Solar Wind Hybrid Power Plants:

Design and built of Solar Power Plant, Solar Wind Hybrid Power Plant .
Stand alone and Grid tie system. It utilizes highly efficient PV cells , Charge controller , Inverter Bank of Solar special batteries and standard accessories for safety operation. Grid tie system is system is used for power plant which exports electrical energy directly to the country grid. 
Application :

  1. Home lighting.
  2. Common area lighting for industrial as well as commercial use.
  3. Power plant
Power backup for offices and any commercial use.
Design and Built of Operation Theaters, ICUs, BMTUs, Labs

HVAC system for Hospitals , Pharmaceuticals Telecommunications, Semiconductor Mfg. facility  Clean Room Refrigeration System,
Hospitals facility will be designed as per latest ASHRE standard for Helth Care System for infection control and CDC guide line ensuring minimum energy consumption .     

We have expertise in building of state of art Operation theaters , ICUs, ICCUS, CCUs, BMT units etc. Complete Operation theater with Laminar air flow, Close control air-condition system with heat recovery system ensuring almost 30 % energy saving, LED OT Light, Pendant, Surgical Panel etc and all required accessories can be supplied and installed .
Air conditioning  and Refrigeration

Have expertise in design and built of HVAC and refrigeration system.  Also manufactures HVAC Equipments like AHUs, Heat Pumps, Clean room equipments, Cold storages etc.
Follows International ASHRAE standards. HVAC system designs are as per ASHRE energy standard. Innovative systems with very less energy inputs.

District cooling, Geothermal system, Indirect Cooling , Absorption Chillers, Solar Air conditioning, Heat recovery and Heat Pump system  etc. are part of our design enabling most efficient HVAC system enabling almost 30% energy saving and also maintains indoor air quality.
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