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Professional Training

Heating Ventilating and Air-conditioning (HVAC) Engineering, Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineering and Electrical Engineering are a highly demanded industry with huge demand oriented career in it. There are various applications HVAC system like Comfort cooling for Commercial building, Offices, Malls, Hotels, airports, Petro chemicals, Industrial air conditioning and  Special HVAC systems like  Clean rooms for Pharmaceuticals and Hospitals, Cement & Fertilizers, Chemical process, Power plants, Off shore, Oil & Gas etc. Also Plumbing and Fire protection system and Electrical system are required in all sectors like all type of industry, Commercial establishments, Residential projects, Institutional establishment etc.

We train our engineers with senior Professional engineers from the industry.
Training Features:
2 Branch of Engineering Consultant and Project Company.
1 Training by Industrial Experienced trainers.
2 On job training for live projects during Internship.
3 Final year project
4 Placement Assistance.
Courses Offered:
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Scope and Career  
  • Design of HVAC Engineering : Engineering Consultant, HVAC contracting Firms.
  • Project Manager of HVAC engineering: Project Management Consultants
  • Manufacturing of HVAC engineering products: HAVC system manufacturing Firm.
  • Operation of HVAC system: Facility management of Various industries
  • Maintenance of HVAC System: Maintenance contract Service Industry
  • Technical sales of HVAC: HVAC system manufacturing Firm, HVAC Contracting companies.
  • Project and Construction work -Application & Installation of HVAC:
I.  HVAC Engineering System:- 
  • Overview of Industry & Scope of HVAC engineering
  • Role of HVAC engineers in various industries
  • Basic components of Air-conditioning & refrigeration
  • Moist Air-conditioning process for HVAC engineering
  • Indoor & outdoor design condition required in HVAC engineering
  • Classification of Air conditioning system
  • Psychometric chart
  • Heating & cooling load calculations for HVAC engineering
  • Static pressure Calculation
  • Hydraulic system
  • A/c Concepts  
II.  HVAC Designing
  • Duct Design & Layout
  • Piping System
  • Piping curves
  • Single line diagram for HVAC engineering
  • General arrangement Drawings ( GA )
  • Fire Fighting Design
III.  Post Designing of HVAC Engineering  
  • Checking Vendor Data
  • Raw/Grey overhead & underground tank sizing with pump selection
  • Plumbing & Drainage system for HVAC engineering
  • Commissioning evaluation of  HVAC system
  • Test Operation on commissioning
  • Monitoring Parameters, Performance test for HVAC Engineering.
IV.  HVAC engineering Software’s   
  • XL Sheet for load calculation
  • Duct sizer for Duct Sizing
V.  Live Projects for HVAC Engineering  (2 Nos)   
  • Shopping Mall – HVAC engineering  Design
  • Residential – HVAC engineering Design
  • Hotel – HVAC engineering Design
  • Office – HVAC engineering  Design

Eligibility for  HVAC  Engineering

Final Year Students of  
  • B. Tech / B.E in Mechanical / Production Engineering
  • Diploma  in Mechanical / Production Engineering
  • M .Tech / M.E in Mechanical / Production Engineering

Scope & Career

Scope & Carrer of PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING Engineering:  
  • Design of PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING Engineering
  • Project Manager of PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING engineering
  • PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING Design project
  • Manufacturing of PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING engineering products
  • Operation of PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING system
  • Analytical Maintenance of PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING System
  • Technical sales of PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING
  • Application & Installation of PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING
I. PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING Engineering System:-  
  • Plumbing System Fundamentals • Introduction to Plumbing System. 
  • Plumbing Codes & Standards. 
  • Plumbing Fixtures  Bathroom & Toilet Fixtures , Kitchen Fixtures ,general fixtures
  • Piping Systems in plumbing & firefighting
  • Pipe Fittings in plumbing & firefighting • Valves in plumbing & firefighting
  • Piping / Plumbing Isometrics
  • Piping Supports types, Selection & spans
  • Portable Pump Sizing in plumbing & firefighting
  • Parts of Drainage System in plumbing & firefighting
  • Drainage Fittings in plumbing & firefighting
  • Types of Vent Pipes in plumbing & firefighting
  • Fire Protection Systems in plumbing & firefighting
  • Codes & Standards of Fire Protection NFPA Codes  
  • Water based Fire Protection system. - Building occupancy  Classification 
  • Design of Cold & Potable Water Systems in plumbing & firefighting
  • Design of Hot Water Plumbing System in plumbing & firefighting
  • Design & Layout of Drainage System in plumbing & firefighting
  • Estimation of minimum number of Plumbing Fixtures for facilities  (Residential, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Offices etc)
  • Estimation of Water Demand (Hot & Cold Water) using R.B Hunter
  • Curves For Residential & Non- Residential applications in plumbing & firefighting
  • Fire Sprinkler System in plumbing & firefighting
  • System Design in plumbing & firefighting
  • Preparation of Sprinkler layout / Sprinkler Riser Drawings in plumbing & firefighting.
  • Water supply connection to Wet pipe sprinkler system in plumbing & firefighting.
III. Post Designing of PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING Engineering  
  • Checking Vendor Data in plumbing & firefighting
  • Drafting of Plumbing Systems. 
  • Abbreviations & Symbols used in plumbing & firefighting
  • Raw/Grey overhead & underground tank sizing with pump selection
  • Commissioning evaluation of  PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING system
  • Test Operation on commissioning in plumbing & firefighting
  • Monitoring Parameters, Performance test for PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING Engineering.
  • Arrangement of Dry & Wet riser in plumbing & firefighting
IV. Live Projects for PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING Engineering  (2 Nos)  
  • Shopping Mall – PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING engineering  Design
  • Residential – PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING engineering Design
  • Hotel – PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING engineering Design
  • Office – PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING engineering  Design
Eligibility for  PLUMBING & FIREFIGHTING  Engineering  
  • B. Tech / B.E in Mechanical / Production Engineering
  • Diploma  in Mechanical / Production Engineering
  • M .Tech / M.E in Mechanical / Production Engineering
Scope & Career  
Scope & Carrer of ELECTRICAL  Design:  
  • Design of ELECTRICAL  engineering
  • Project Manager of ELECTRICAL engineering
  • ELECTRICAL  Design project
  • Manufacturing of ELECTRICAL design products
  • Operation of ELECTRICAL system
  • Layout of ELECTRICAL
  • Analytical Maintenance of ELECTRICAL System
  • Technical sales of ELECTRICAL
  • Field Design of ELECTRICAL
  • Application & Installation of ELECTRICAL


I.  ELECTRICAL DESIGN Engineering System:-  
  • Concept of EPC Projects in electrical design
  • Fundamentals of Power Generation, Transmission, distribution and utilization in electrical design.
  • Introduction of key electrical equipments used in projects for electrical design.
  • Overview of Codes & Standards IEC / ANSI / IEEE
  • Introduction of P&ID in electrical design.
II.  ELECTRICAL : Estimation & Specification  
Load Schedule, Power Supply Capacity,Standby Capacity consideration,  Generators in Relation To Their Prime Movers-Importance of Max and Min temp., Motors In Relation To Their Driven Machines.  
  • Electrical Equipments Selection Sizing and Protections Data-Sheet, Vendor Data Review in electrical design
Generators, Transformers, Motor, Equipment, Protections, Power Capacitor Banks, HV/MV/LV Switch gears, HV/MV/LV Capacitor Bank, Power Reactor, C T/PT, Bus Duct, AC UPS, DC UPS.  
Types Of Protection For Hazardous Area , Zone /Division Classification, Hazardous source List Preparation, Certification of Hazardous Area Equipment, Marking of Equipment Nameplates, Hazardous Area Drawings/Layouts Preparation  
  • Cable Selection and Sizing and cable laying methods in electrical design
Data Sheet Preparation, IS 7098 & IEC 60502  , Cable Sizing for high & low voltage, Cable Schedule & Drum Schedule  , Cable Interconnection Schedule.  
  • CABLE ROUTING LAYOUT in electrical design
Cable routing Layout ,Cable Tagging ,Installation details  
  • Selection and sizing of electrical equipments used in various projects  in electrical design
Transformers, Motors, Switchgears, Cables, DG, Battery etc., sizing  
III .  ELECTRICAL  Designing  
Requirement of Earthingin Industrial Plants, Earthing design calculations, Type of Earthing and Details, Earthing Installation Details, Earthing Layout Design, Lightening Protection Requirement, Lightening Installation Details, Lightening Layout design  
  • ILLUMINATION DESIGN for electrical design
Introduction, Types Of Lighting fixtures, Selection of lighting fixtures, Preparation of fixture schedule, Indoor illumination Calculation, outdoor illumination Calculation, calculation on software, Lighting Layout Design, lighting Installation Detail, Small Power Selection, Lighting Board Schedule  
  • SUB STATION DESIGN for electrical design
Introduction, Types Of Substations, General Arrangement Of Substations, Equipment Layout  
  1. Post Designing of ELECTRICAL DESIGN Engineering
Intra-discipline co-ordination with civil, process, mechanical, piping, telecomHVAC etc… with  electrical design  
IDC, PDS,P&IDs, UFDs & ICDs , Trench routing, Piping routing, Flood/Rain water, Drainage system  , Earth Quake, Black out, Fire & Alarm  , HSE, HAZOP  
Procurement Requirements and installation standardsfor electrical design  
Preparation of BOQ, Price Break up, online bidding, Terms & Conditions, Commercial Terms, LC, ABG, PBG, Proforma, LD etc., Delivery terms FOR, FOB, Ex-works, FFR,RMR etc., CST, Excise Duties, ST, VAT & Insurance  
Inspection of Equipments/system for electrical design  
MQP, QAP & ITP, TPI, Witness, Hold Points, Type Test, Routine Test, Acceptance Tests, Performance Tests, IS & IEC clauses  , Inspection Request Form  , Stage inspection / Final Inspection  , Internal Tests, Laboratory TC, Material TC, FIR, IRN & DCC  
  1. Live Practicals  for ELECTRICAL DESIGN
Key SLD, Detailed SLD, Lighting system SLD, Small power SLD, Metering and Control diagram  
CONTROL SCHEMATICS for electrical design

Introduction, Block Diagram, Typical Schematics for Motor Feeder, Typical Schematics for Power Feeder, Typical Schematics for Transformer Feeder  
  1. ELECTRICAL DESIGN engineering Software’s
VII.  Live Projects for ELECTRICAL DESIGN Engineering  (2 Nos)  
EPC projects  
Eligibility for ELECTRICAL DESIGN Engineering  
  • B. Tech / B.E in Electrical / Production Engineering
  • Diploma  in Electrical  / Production Engineering
  • M .Tech / M.E in Electrical  / Production Engineering
Engineering language is expressed in drawing & drafting. Its a means of communicating with dimensions, proportions, scale of machine or a building describing its details like the shape, size and section by a verbal or written language is very difficult henceforth Graphic language is used to express drawings. People who do these measured drawings are called as Draftsmen.
Mechanical draftsman play a key role in the civil design industry. They do the 2d & 3d modeling of the buildings. They get well paid as a fresher and with experience.
Scope & Career  
  • Power plants
  • Petro Chemical Complex
  • Oil & gas need Piping  Draftsman
  • Off shore Industry
  • Refinery
  • Industrial plants
  • Energy sector
  • Chemical process
  • EPC industry
  • Consulting engineers
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Project & Construction
  • Cement and Fertilizer
I.  Mechanical draftsman Introduction :-  
  • Free hand sketching.
  • Use of drawing instruments and materials.
  • Drawing conventional lines according to isi code. Folding of sheets.
  • Draw 1st & 3rd angle projection of points, lines, plain figures, solids & simple machine components
  • 2d & 3d drafting.
II.  Mechanical Drafting :Detailing   
  • Draw different types of sectional views and dimensioning their drawings
  • Draw isometric oblique and perspective projection of simple objects
  • Draw inter-penetration curves and developed simple objects
  • Draw temp. Fasteners – screws threads, bolts, nuts, washers, locking devices
  • Machine screws, cap screws, studs, set screws, foundation bolts, circlips, keys, cotters, and pins
  • Draw types of rivets and riveted joints.
  • Use of important pattern maker’s tools, making of simple patterns, use of molding tools and preparation of simple mould
  • Use blacksmiths hand tool, forging of simple jobs
  • Use fitter hand tools and measuring instruments
  • Carry out simple operations on shaping, and milling machines
  • Carry out simple operation on lathe
  • Use of sheet metal work and tools, elementary knowledge of gas and gas welding.
  • Elementary knowledge of electrician trade and to be able to identify the different parts of i.c. engine
  • Prepare free hand sketches from exiting machine parts. Inking and colouring the drawing. Tracing a drawing on both tracing paper and cloth.
  • Draw details & assembly drawings of machine parts like coupling bearing, pulleys etc
III.  Mechanical Drafting : Working Drawings   
  • Prepare piping drawings, main line layout as done previously
  • Prepare working drawings of different types of gears.
  • Prepare details and assembly drawings of important machine parts and engine parts
  • Draw working drawings of jigs, fixtures, gauges, press tools
  • Draw welding drawings, use of welding symbols on drawings
  • Draw foundations drawings for machinery
  • Draw and sketch assembly drawing of bench drilling and slotting machines.
  • To prepare working drawing of machine parts and components independently taking sketches from the shop floor
  • Making working drawing of projects.
Familiarization with :  
Is-1444(drg. Board)
Is-1360 (t-sqr.)
Is-1561(set sqr.)
Is-696 (code of engg.drg.)
  • Preparation of detailed drawings from assembly. Drawings of simple machine parts such as : tool post of shaping 
IV.  Mechanical draftsman software’s  
  • Auto cad.
V.  Live projects for Mechanical draftsman (2 nos)=   
  • Mechanical drafting fixture for drilling hole.
  • Mechanical drafting of milling fixture.
  • Mechanical drafting of north light
  • Mechanical drafting of Valve

Audience & Eligibility

  • Diploma  in Mechanical// Chemical// Production Engineering
  • 10th pass / 8th
  • Draftsmen
HVAC Engineering is a highly booming industry with huge demand oriented career in it. All Chemical, process LPG, CNG, Oil & gas Pharmaceutical Industries are dependent on HVAC engineering  for the comfort level .HVAC engineering  consumes more than 60% to 70 % of energy load in all commercial building . HVAC engineers from the Industry with leading professionals selected by ASHRAE conduct this program.  
Electrical draftsman play a key role in the Electrical design industry .They does the 2d & 3dof electrical layout. They get well paid as a fresher and with experience. This is a fast- paced program designed to present all major topics relative to the design of Electrical Building Services.  Candidates learn concept theory, problem solving, system design, CAD drafting.
This certificate  program  introduces the  full  range  of  Electrical  Building  Services topics from the fundaments to Power System Design, Wiring Accessories, Cable Management  system,  Lighting  Systems,  Earthling,  Fire  Alarm  Systems,  CCTV  Systems,  Access Control  Systems etc.  Each  topic is presented  so  as to  demonstrate  the  “real  world” impact  of  design  decisions on  resulting  system  performance.  Numerous examples of actual designs are presented. (See the “Course Outline” section for details of topics)  .

Scope & Career

Scope & Carrer of HVAC Engineering:  
  • Design of HVAC Engineering
  • Project Manager of HVAC engineering
  • HVAC Design project
  • Manufacturing of HVAC engineering products
  • Operation of HVAC system
  • Layout of HVAC
  • Analytical Maintenance of HVAC System
  • Technical sales of HVAC
  • Field Engineering of HVAC
  • Application & Installation of HVAC

Career of HVAC Engineering:

  • Commercial Buildings needs HVAC engineering
  • Airports needs HVAC engineering
  • Shopping Malls  needs HVAC engineering
  • Hospitals , Office complex needs HVAC engineering
  • Residential buildings needs HVAC engineering
  • Petro Chemical Complex needs HVAC engineering
  • Oil & gas need HVAC engineering
  • Off shore Industry needs HVAC engineering
  • Refinery needs HVAC engineering
  • Industrial plants needs HVAC engineering
  • Energy sector needs HVAC engineering
  • Chemical process needs HVAC engineering
  • EPC industry needs HVAC engineering
  • Consulting engineering needs HVAC engineering
  • Pharmaceutical industry needs HVAC engineering
  • Project & Construction needs HVAC engineering
  • Cement and Fertilizer needs HVAC engineering
  • Power plants needs HVAC engineering
I.  HVAC drafting : Introduction  
  • Introduction and Fundamentals of Air Conditioning.
  • Modes of Heat Transfer
  • Basic Components of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration machines
  • Refrigeration cycle - Line Diagrams
  • Basic Refrigeration Cycle
  • Chill water cycle
  • Air cooled Chillers
  • Water cooled Chillers
  • Types of Air conditioning
    • 1)Window A/ C
    • 2)Spilt A/ C
    • 3)Package A/ C
    • 4)Central A/ C
  • Categories of Air Conditioning -All air system , All water system, Air water system
  • Study of psychometric charts Direct Refrigerant system
II.  HVAC Drafting : Detailing  
  • Survey of Building
  • Materials used in the Building Finding Temperature difference and U Factor For Wall, Glass, Roof, Partition
  • Load Calculations. Filling of E-20 Forms as per ASHRAE Standards for finding TR
  • ADP &CFM calculation
  • Insulation 0f DUCT, Balancing of Duct, Leakage Test
  • Static Pressure calculation for selection of motor & Fan
  • Pipe size. Calculation (chill water pipe
  • Fittings used in piping.
  • Air Distribution system
  • Fire Fighting Equipment (Awareness).
III.  HVAC Drafting : working Drawings  
  • Duct-Definition and types
  • Materials of Duct and its specification (Gauge)
  • Duct design consideration for Duct sizing as per Aspect Ratio
  • Duct size method Equal Friction method Velocity reduction method. Static regain method
  • Finding Duct size using Ductalator & Duct sizer software
  • Calculation of No of sheets
  • Symbols as per DW144 international standards
  • Preparation of single line diagram (SLD) in drawing sheet
  • Layouts (Double line)
  • Sectional Drawing of DUCTS & its supports.
  • Wall openings drawings wherever duct is passing through walls
  • Sectional drawing of pipe & its supports
IV.  HVAC drafting Software’s  
  • XL Sheet for load calculation
  • Revit MEP.
V.  Live Projects for HVAC drafting (2 Nos)  
  • Shopping Mall – HVAC drafting
  • Residential – HVAC drafting
  • Hotel – HVAC drafting
  • Office – HVAC drafting
Audience & Eligibility  
Audience for HVAC  Engineering  
  • Purchase, Design, Fabrication, Inspection of HVAC engineering
  • Architects
  • Sales Engineers
  • Facility managers
  • Manufacturing
  • Repair Organization
  • Inspection agencies
  • Industry in design, Maintenance & Repair of Industrial plants
Eligibility for  HVAC  Engineering  
  • B. Tech / B.E in Mechanical / Production Engineering
  • Diploma  in Mechanical / Production Engineering
  • M .Tech / M.E in Mechanical / Production Engineering
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